Look up! Whale watching has always been an exciting pastime in New Hampshire.

Seeing these magnificent animals in the wild is a feeling you won’t soon forget.

So, when I tell you to head over to Henry Law Park in Dover and look up to see a whale’s tail, don’t think I am crazy.

According to seacoastonline.com, an anonymous donor has generously donated a HUGE whale tail sculpture named “Marti” that will sit atop the roof of the building across from Henry Law Park Adventure Playground in Dover.

Seacoastonline.com reported that the sculpture is a massive 26 feet long and 10 feet high, and it's made by steel sculptor Dale Rogers.  Some might recognize the name of the creator who lives in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

So next time you are looking for a whale, head over to Dover and look up.

Installation of the tail is scheduled for June 5, 2019. Or you can always go whale watching and see the real thing!

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