Maine is home to hundreds of miles of beautiful rocky coastline, more mountain hiking trails than most people will walk in a lifetime and the best seafood this side of the Mississippi. But wait, there's more.

Sure, folks from away will travel countless hours for the coast, the mountains and the lobster, but come October, they all start coming for the foliage. Ah yes, the annual influx of outta-state leaf peepers descend upon the Pine Tree State like a seagull on a McDonald's parking lot French fry.

Sometimes I think we (as Mainers) take for granted the beauty that exists just outside our doorstep. This place really is an enchanting wonderland of beauty that morphs and changes with the seasons.

Come October one of the most magical things happens.. As the temperatures begin to cool millions of Maine trees are set on fire with color that can only be seen to be believed. We asked for your submissions of Maine foliage photos on Facebook, and this is only a small sample of what we received.

Each one of the following 100 photos is gorgeous, unique and the epitome of what Maine's natural beauty really is. Enjoy.

100 Incredibly Amazing Photos of Maine's Peak Foliage 2021

Check out 100 crazy-beautiful photos of foliage from all around Maine that were submitted by our listeners!
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