Jennie Stejna is the definition of a legend. When the 103-Year-Old from Wilbraham, Massachusetts was diagnosed with Covid-19, her family was pretty sure it was the end. Her loved ones even said their final goodbyes and when Jennie asked if she was ready to go to heaven, she replied with an enthusiastic "HELL YES!"

But apparently, it was not her time because on May 13th they received the news the Jennie had made a full recovery. The staff at her nursing home decided that she deserved something she loved but hadn't had in awhile, an ice cold Bud Light. She didn't want a Coors. She didn't want a Corona, as symbolic as that would be. She wanted the signature beverage of frat boys all over the nation and the internet can't get enough.

Personally, I have watched it 17 times today because it really perks my spirits. Her feisty spirit shines through when she says "Oh, it's cold!" God bless you and your family, Jennie. You have earned all of the Bud Lights your heart desires. Maybe they should kick things up and bring a keg into her bedroom. Just a thought!

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