During the month of October, Townsquare Media NH and its radio stations will be participating in National Bullying Prevention Month. Our hope is that you can partner with Townsquare Media and stand up to bullies.

First, it's important to know the facts. Here are 13 things you might not know about bullying.

  1. Every day, 160,000 kids stay home from school to avoid being bullied. [Source: Pacer.org/Bullying]
  2. Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year. [Source: dosomething.org]
  3. 1 in 10 students drop out of school because of repeat bullying. [Source: dosomething.org]
  4. Bullying and harassment have been linked to 75% of school shooting incidents. [Source: dosomething.org]
  5. Only 4% of the time will an adult intervene in bullying they witness among adolescents. [Source: nveee.org]
  6. 53% of teens admit to having something mean or hurtful said to them or about them on the internet. [Source: isafe.org]
  7. 43% of students fear harassment in the bathroom at school. [Source: stompoutbullying.org]‎
  8. 56% of students have personally witnessed some sort of bullying at school. [Source: ing.org]
  9. 43% of kids have been cyber bullies. 1 in 4 has had it happen more than once. [Source: dosomething.org]
  10. 81% of kids & teens think bullying online is easier to get away with than bullying in person. [Source: dosomething.org]
  11. 95% of social media-using teens who have witnessed cruel behavior on social networking sites say they have seen others ignoring the mean behavior. [Source: PEW Internet Research Center, FOSI, Cable in the Classroom, 2011]
  12. Only 7% of U.S. parents are worried about cyber bullying, even though 33% of teenagers have been victims of cyber bullying. [Source: PEW Internet and American Life Survey, 2011]
  13. Only 1 in 10 victims will inform a parent or trusted adult of their abuse. [Source: dosomething.org]

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