A senior at Pelham High School, Meghan Montminy has a powerful message to bullies and the victims of bullying.

Montminy directed a short film titled 'Silently Sorry,' which is meant to send a message of anti bullying and anti suicide.

The four-and-a-half-minute film is a dance to original spoken word and will have you mesmerized.

WMUR was at the screening of the short film Monday night at Chunky's Cinema Pub in Pelham, New Hampshire and spoke with Meghan about her film.

'I was really hoping for a great turnout and I’m so grateful that my community and outside communities came together to support this wonderful cause.' Montminy said.

'At the end, Hannah reels in the rope to find that Allie isn't attached to it anymore, to show, you know, bullies, if you don't realize what you're doing is wrong and don't stop what you're doing this is a possible consequence of your actions,”'Montminy said.

Meghan, who plans on heading off to college in the fall says she will continue to spread her message.

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