Tonight is WOKQ night at the fair. Karen and I will see you under the big top for Circus Hollywood tonight. What will we be doing with the circus? No idea. That's just the way things roll with the Rochester Fair. The object of the game is fun and it comes in many forms.

You'll recall that last year we did the Morning Waking Crew broadcast from the fairgrounds and held a cow flop competition. The fair used a mother-daughter combination for the two cows who were penned in just outside the exhibit hall where we were broadcasting from.

Listeners were on hand to cheer the pair on, one thing led to another and we had a two-cow stampede on our hands.

Fair personnel kept directing the pair away from the inside of the exhibit hall (wouldn't that have been fun?) sending them off in several directions. Ultimately one of those directions was Karen's 9 day old brand new car. The folks at Toyota of Portsmouth fixed it up in short order and all is now well.

Except that we're going back there tonight. What's the plan? Wish I could give you details but this is the free-wheeling, fun-loving, cow-stampeding way that things happen at the Rochester Fair. These are the same people that decided to amp up your average demolition derby by removing the cars and replacing them with... Wait for it... School buses! Who crashes school buses for fun? Rochester Fair!

So I can't give you lots of details about our circus debut tonight. All I know for sure is that it'll be fun... And that Karen won't be bringing her car.

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