Given the fact that nearly all of us have been impacted by the crazy inflation, it should be no surprise that so many people are planning "staycations" this year.  According to a recent survey, 85% of Americans say they will be cutting back on the amount of money they are spending on vacations this year.

For those who are unaware, a "staycation" is where you spend your vacation at home.  You may take a few day trips and do some fun things with the kids, but you are not hopping on a plane or taking a lengthy road trip.

Each year, WalletHub puts out their list for the best cities in the United States for "staycations".

Two Maine cities ended up on the 2023 list.  One of them was to be expected.  One of their picks was kind of a shocker.

Portland came in at #12 on the list of nearly 200 cities from across the country.  The Southern Maine city had an overall score of 52.48.  Portland came in second place for recreation, 82nd place for food and entertainment, and it was in 47th place for rest & relaxation.

None of us were really shocked by the inclusion of Portland on this list, were we?  Between the restaurants, the beer, the live music, and the nearby beaches, the city has a lot to offer.

Ameen Fahmy via Unsplash
Ameen Fahmy via Unsplash

Also on the list was Lewiston.  The city came in 153rd place overall.  It scored a 34 overall.  The Central Maine city was 109th place for entertainment, 178th place for food and entertainment, and 81st place for relaxation.

Honestly, while seeing Lewiston on this national list was a little shocking (but, we are really happy to see it make the list), it really does make sense.  In recent years, the city has really become a foodie town.  And, we are starting to see so much happen with those old mill buildings.  Additionally, the city has some great family friendly activities and it is a short drive from the Central Maine countryside.

If you are not taking a real vacation this year, what Maine attractions to do you plan to check out?  Send us a message through our app to let us know.

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