When I hear about young people who are THRIVING like Reni from Danville, New Hampshire, I am so incredibly impressed. At 20-years-old I was a broke college kid trying to scrounge up enough money to afford a calzone for dinner. Reni already has almost 11 years of baking under her belt and has launched her own small business. If you told me the person who made these treats graduated from a prestigious culinary school I would 100% believe you. But Reni is completely self taught and her skills are second to none.

Reni always watched Cake Boss religiously and growing up she took a lot of inspiration from Bartolo "Buddy" Valastro Jr sand his work. This year in quarantine Agape Cakes and Confections was born. There is a deep meaning behind her business name. She knew she wanted a name that was original and dear to her heart and straight from her Greek roots. The word Agape means love in Greek and she felt that was a perfect representation of how she feels about what she does. The 2 branches circling her name on the logo are olive branches, and in Greek they represent peace. Her birth name is “Irene” also meaning peace, so olive branches have a lot of meaning in her life. She told me:

"After years and years of hard work, research, practice and very long hours I couldn’t be happier with the decisions I’ve made to get myself here. 10 year old me would be so happy right now!"

Reni loves baking creations for holidays and special occasions. Here is some of her most astounding work (in my opinion):

Gender Reveal Cupcakes

Children's Birthday Cakes

Saint Patty's Day Cookies

Did I mention this talented woman is 20-years-old?!

With Easter right around the corner Reni is spreading the word about her Easter Menu. She has cupcakes that can be bought in packs of 4 ($13), packs of 6 ($18) and packs of 12 ($34). They can be assorted of your choosing or single flavored! Cupcake flavors:

    • mini egg: (offered with vanilla or chocolate cake)
    • vanilla buttercream
    • shaved chocolate and 3 mini eggs
    • Caramel Cadbury egg: chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream topped with a caramel Cadbury egg.
    • Spring rose: lemon cake, raspberry filling, white chocolate buttercream.
    • Carrot cake  with cream cheese buttercream, rolled in walnuts and topped with a chocolate carrot

She also has Spring m&m cookies (pack of 6 for $10), baklava (sold by 25 pieces for $30), diy cookie kits: 4 sugar cookies, 2 bags of colored buttercream and sprinkles ($12), and spring floral royal icing cookies (3 in a pack for $12)

For more info check out Agape Cakes and Confections on Instagram or Facebook.

She is currently working out of her home bakery in Danville, NH, but is working on future plans of a store front. Keep up the great work, Reni!

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