After hearing this story, I entirely understand why it was buried for nearly 20 years.

I would likely want to keep this story a secret, too.

Speaking on The Tonight Show, Derek Jeter, former New York Yankees shortstop and Baseball Hall of Famer, was put through a VERY funny game of true or false.

The statement: "I once wore a thong in public in front of thousands of people," according to a People article.

The answer by Derek Jeter: "I'm gonna need something stronger than that coffee..." followed by, "It is the truth. I'm going to ultimately regret playing this game, but let me explain."

Man in red zipper thong underwear
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Okay...WHAT?! Boston Red Sox enemy #1 wore a golden thong and we never knew.

I mean, that makes sense (not the thong...the hiding of this tale). If Red Sox fans knew of this information, we would have bombarded Jeter with fake thongs, thrown them on the field, delivered them to Yankee Stadium, and likely even worse.

So let's back this up.

For the first time EVER in his career, Derek Jeter was in a slump in 2004. Jeter was 0-32; a horrific showing.

Around the same time, he noticed that his teammate, Jason Giambi, "had a gold thong 'hanging from his locker' and would wear it whenever he felt the need to improve his luck with the bat," according to People.

Naturally curious, Jeter asked why. The answer? Whenever Giambi went through a bad stretch, he would wear the gold thong.

After being 0-32, Jeter was looking for anything to get him out of the slump. Even wearing a thong. So, he wore it. After being 0-32 at his first at-bat, his first pitch, while wearing the thong...home run.

Check out the hilarious interview, along with the game call of the home run, finally getting the Hall of Famer out of his miserable slump.

I bet that was an uncomfortable yet rewarding run around the bases.

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