People from the 603 are proud. I mean, "Live Free or Die" is a serious motto that many passionately live by.

I left Massachusetts for college and decided to stay in New Hampshire ever since. I never went back.

I have come to terms with many things that, well, piss people off in New Hampshire.

Let me give an example for another state: people from Massachusetts hate people who drive a U-Haul on Storrow Drive. It's a thing. No U-Hauls are allowed on Storrow Drive. Everyone from Boston knows that, but not those from out of state.

So for New Hampshire, one thing that ticks people off are brake lights on 95 North (or South) with a commonwealth license plate.

I bet I just triggered you.

It enrages people from New Hampshire to see out-of-state drivers passing them, slowing down, and causing massive traffic jams going north every weekend in the summer.

"Stick to your state," is what I presume people think.

Every state has them. The small, annoying things that people do notoriously in and around your state. So it's not just out-of-state folks.

Here is another example: when people from New Hampshire say they are from Boston.

Nope. You are not. Saying you are from Boston may seem easier or "sound better" depending on who you are talking to or the situation, but it is a lie.

If you are from the Granite State, you should be damn proud.

Oh and, you should know the Old Man of the Mountain. And if you don't, well, that annoys me!

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