According to, a fence on Sugar Mountain Farm in Orange, Vermont was vandalized causing 250 piggies to escape and wander free! Two hundred were just baby piglets, the other 50 were adult pigs.

The majority of the escapees made their way back to the farm, some being led by hot dog buns.

For the few that remain missing in action, the farm has called in for back up.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and state authorities are now getting involved to locate the missing pigs, according to the article. They have set up cameras all around and even pig traps along a mile radius of the farm. Some of these pigs have wandered as far as three miles away!

While the idea of hundreds of pigs roaming a town free is hilarious to me, the owner of the farm does not find it amusing. This loose pig ordeal is costing him thousands of dollars and has interrupted his meat delivery schedule, reported.

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