If you have a gadget lover on your gift list, odds are he/she wants one of the hardest gifts to find this year.

According to a report in 'Business Insider,' Snapchat, Apple and Nintendo have some of the hottest/hardest gifts to find this year.

1. Snapchat Spectacles - You'll probably be in for a bidding war on Ebay for these glasses. A camera mounted on the sunglasses takes short videos from a first-person view that will certainly get attention on Snapchat.

Credit Ebay user Milkalways

2. Apple Airpods - The Business Insider says the Airpods were supposed to go on sale in October, but Apple delayed them, saying that they weren't ready. When they do go on sale, they will cost $159 from Apple.

Credit Businss Insider

3. Ninendo NES Classic Edition - A pocket-sized NES is basically a modern computer that does nothing but emulate and look like the original Nintendo Entertainment System, but it plugs in to your flatscreen with HDMI. If you'd like to get your hands on one at its retail price, online retailers like Walmart and Amazon are announcing occasional supply drops — log on at the appropriate time, usually 5 p.m. ET, get your refresh clicker finger on the ready, and hope you get lucky.

Credit Nintendo

Good luck and happy shopping!