Well, another major snowfall is here, and between occupying the kids, figuring out how to get to work AND shoveling, we can’t forget our pets!

Winter can be dangerous for our furry friends, and the ASPCA has a list of tips to keep in mind before they go play outside!

Let's check out four of the big tips below:

1) Keep your house humidified and use a towel to dry off your pets as soon as they come back inside. The ASPCA suggests paying special attention to their paws. There is a lot of de-icing chemicals, salt, even anti-freeze out there which can become deadly if your pet is licking their paws when they come in. Never thought of this, but makes perfect sense!

2) Another great tip is to rub petroleum jelly on their paw pads before they head out. If you have a cat, good luck with this one!

3) The ASPCA also recommends bathing your pets as little as possible when it’s really cold. It removes essential oils and can lead to dry, flaky skin and a lot of irritation from all the scratching!

4) And a favorite tip… if it’s too cold for you, it’s probably too cold for our fur babies!

With all that being said, nothing is more fun than watching your pets play in the first snow! If you've got a pet pic to share, we want to see it!

Otherwise, stay safe and warm out there.

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