Little Foot Completes the 48

If you need some inspiration look no further than Scarlett “Little Foot” who just has completed hiking the 48th 4,000 high peak mountains in New Hampshire with her last mountain being Mount Tecumseh according to  She is not even 5 years old yet!  Scarlett, also known as little foot, accomplished the herculean feat with the help of her Grandmother.  That is dedication.


Lessons Learned


Scarlett’s grandmother admits that Little Foot wanted to give up at times according to reporting by but with her grandmother’s encouragement, she joyfully completed the task.  Even before she turns five, Scarlett joins an exclusive club of those who have hiked all 48 of New Hampshire’s over 4000-foot peaks.  What’s next for the young superstar?  Keep Hiking!


Why Grandparents are Important


The lesson I took away from Scarlett’s inspirational story was how important Grandparents can be in your life.  I am a new grandparent and there is so much I want to teach my grandson.  I love how the grandmother shared her passion for hiking with Scarlett and hope that I can inspire my grandson to find something that brings him much happiness.  I may not hike the 48 but Scarlett has certainly inspired me to get off the couch and do some more hiking.  She has built so many wonderful memories with her grandmother and will probably carry her love of nature and mountains with her for the rest of her life.  Who knows?  Maybe she will climb Mount Everest.  The sky is truly the limit for this little tike.

This story just makes me smile...


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