For the first time since before the pandemic, the 2022 annual Bloomsday Race is taking place in person; however, three New Hampshire runners need to step up and represent...within a day or two.

The Bloomsday Race has been up and running (see what I did there?), for 46 years, according to the Bloomsday Run Website.

Also referred to as the Lilac Bloomsday or Lilac Festival, this race takes place every year in Spokane, Washington on the first Sunday of May.

The race attracts tens of thousands of people, with over 60,000 in 1996. This year the race it up to 24,000 in person, with more running virtually, according to a KHQ article.

Usually getting representation from every state, this year is a struggle.

With the race being just a few days away, the question remains: who from New Hampshire will run? Who from the 603 will step up to run this 12 kilometers (7.46 miles) race in Washington State? As of today, 0 registrants.

Me? You know I would if I could (here comes an excuse) . Unfortunately, I need to be up and on air Monday morning for Kira and Logan in the Morning.

With a few days left to register, New Hampshire is not the only state dragging their feet.

Both Delaware and Kentucky do not have runners making the trip to the West Coast.

Race Director, Jon Neil, is calling the three straggler states out. We need three runners from New Hampshire to sign up, book a flight, trot a few miles, and make us all proud.

To be that person and step up for NH, register here.

"Bloomsday is a nonprofit, the funds are donated back to the Lilac Bloomsday Foundation which works to get kids involved in outdoor sports with a heavy focus on running," according to KHQ.

Let's get someone there, New Hampshire!

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