From keeping warm to safe, these are all essential to your companion's comfort during New Hampshire's 'second winter.'

Welcome to New Hampshire's second winter. Back in the day, a mid January warm-up was simply called a 'thaw.' This year, it's part of the supposed 'Polar Coaster.' Last weekend, temps soared into the 60's. Now, with a snowstorm on the horizon, and plummeting temps, we're back to the proper season.  Problem being, pets can't read weather forecasts. They expect extended time outdoors to be the same as last weekend. According to WMUR News 9, Here's where you can help them.

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1. Winter Jacket - Pet stores are full of them, and try to get one with reflectors. Even if the days are getting longer, they're still relatively short.

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2. Booties - Here's a harsh reality; many ice dissolving products aren't pet-friendly. They hurt. Even if it means they walk a little funny, these are essential to your pet's overall comfort.

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3. Wax Your Dog - Musher's Secret is 100% natural and protects from sand, ice and salt. Also, it can be helpful year-round, as it helps on hot pavement.

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4. Wipes - Booyah, and Pogi's Pet Supplies are a leader in wipes. Wipes take care of two areas. First, wiping paws of salt will keep your pet healthy. With salt comes mud. Who likes muddy paws around the house? Right, a win-win.

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5. Sweater - While we covered frigid temps in #1, it will warm up again (remember, we're on the Polar Coaster) Plus, who doesn't love a homemade sweater? If you resolved to learn how to knit this year, what a great project for your newly acquired skill!