I saw an article on New England Today Travel that ranked the top 5 New England winter getaways.

I've been to 2 of the 5 of them on the list already.

Sure they have a great list, but I thought I'd show you all my top five favorite places in New England I've been since we moved here that you need to check out this winter. You'll thank me.

Downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire

My family and I go there a couple times a week just to check out the food and shopping. We mostly look... trust me. However, we will stop at a place and have a beer/wine or grab a great burger at Gilley's.

Downtown Dover, New Hampshire

Love me some Harvey's cinnamon rolls ,and there are a ton of cool beer spots. (Seeing a pattern here? Mostly food and beer.) But it's a spot you might not think about checking out. Don't make that mistake.

Norwich, Vermont

My oldest daughter told us that some friends from Florida were in Norwich visiting their son who plays football for Dartmouth. Now I understand why she wanted us to go and hang with them.

We met them at the Norwich Inn where they were staying and had breakfast. The place is amazing and yes, they also had local brews there, too.

York, Maine

The beach looks so cool especially now with the snow on it, and there are plenty of cool places to eat. I found a hole in the wall (Rick's Place) that has some of the best huevos rancheros we've had since we lived in New Mexico! (oh look...it's more food.)

And there's Anthony's/Shell Gas Station, which is also in York, and I've never seen anything like it. It's a gas station, bakery, coffee shop. They had live music on a Saturday morning when we went in! Oh and it's an Italian restaurant with some dang good pizza.

Yup...they also sell beer there too.

Have you been to these spots? What are your top five New England spots to visit in the winter?

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