Over the last week, New Hampshire has been pelted with snowstorms, and followed by bitter cold. Before you throw your back out or worse, take advantage of these tips.


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1. No Red Bull or Marlboro's: While you may feel you need an extra kick or a cig to help you through, both are terrible ideas. These may increase heart rate and cause blood vessels to constrict. Shoveling alone does enough of that. Hydrating is key, so stick to water.

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2. Slow and Steady Wins The Race While the 'get in - get out' mentality might be a great time management tool, the job is usually bigger than the eyes. Snow shoveling is strenuous work, so take frequent breaks, check your Instagram, and be excited about what you've already accomplished.

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3. The Right Tool for the Right Job: Many hardware stores and home centers stock ergonomically designed snow shovels. These shovels help you to keep your back straighter reducing lower back stress. Your uncle's 1973 shovel held together with duct tape could use a retirement party.

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4. FORE!  That's right, snow may keep you from an outdoor golf game, but you should incorporate your skills on the green to snow removal. Like you were told when learning, don’t put your hands close to one another. Create some distance between the hands. You'll get tons of leverage and lifting snow will be much more of a breeze.

Man Shoveling Snow From the Front Walkway
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5. Forward, not backward. Even in the lightest snow, resist the urge to throw over the shoulder in completing a scoop. Always opt for forward momentum. Obviously, away from where you eventually be shoveling. Hey, I had to say it.

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