Hundreds of thousands are headed to a home that doesn't have power, and you're one of them. Also, you may have kids who won't log hours of screen time tonight. The "in my day" rant will get you as far with them as it did when your parents gave it to you. Be a little proactive, be a little creative. Here's how you can turn a night without power into a one of fun.

jenga game


Stop by Walmart, Target, or whichever applies, and board game it up. Make sure you grab 2-3, as even one hour on a game can feel a little long in the tooth.


Considering Halloween is tomorrow night, it's likely the BEST time of year for this type of activity. Even if someone doesn't immediately have a story, ask questions about the scariest thing they've seen. They'll have an answer.

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Drive/Night Out.

This one depends on conditions and location. If you're in the mountains, probably a solid "no." However, a trip to casual dining/fast food can kill a little time, and also provide a field trip type of atmosphere.

Hide & Seek

This one is a bit age dependent. The looks you'll receive when proposing this to a house full of teenagers will put you in the eyeroll HOF. Regardless of age, give it a shot. I think you'll be interested as to where your kids have decided to scurry off. Parent bonus!

Storm Olympics:

You already have the prizes. (eh hem...candy) Each person comes up with a quick game, and puts it on a paper/board/etc. Split the family into two teams. (kids vs adults etc) and compete for the crown!