Winter Storm Toby was billed as the Four'easter, and initial reports had it rivaling the totals of the other three. Already battered, we braced with gritted teeth, and it turned out to be a flop. I don't think anyone's complaining.  However, it wasn't the first time something was over-hyped, and didn't deliver on results. Here's a look at 5 of them.

Busta Rhymes Joins The Crystal Pepsi Throwback Tour To Bring Music, Baseball, And Iconic Clear Cola To Fans In New York
Getty Images for Crystal Pepsi

5. Crystal Pepsi - I remember the campaign. The big grab to use Van Halen's "Right Now," Super Bowl placement, and the hopes in grabbing the clear craze of the early 90's. Less than 2 years later, it was gone. Although, the soda was revived for nostalgia's sake in 2016.

9th Annual TV Land Awards - Arrivals
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4. Geico Cavemen's TV Show - WHAT? You never watched the SHOW!? Yes, they were an instant hit in :30 form, and their creator thought he could transfer the success to 30 MINUTE form. Nah, and the buddy comedy was cancelled after a little over a month.

3. Chevy Nova Reboot - Presently, Hollywood seems fresh out of ideas. Fuller House, Rosanne, and The X Files are current examples of going back to the well. The auto industry has also been guilty. Don't get me wrong. The original Chevy Nova is one of the coolest cars of the time, and I still need to get my hands on one. This is not that car. In the mid 1980's, GM teamed with Toyota to recreate a "modern" version of the icon. It looked like a Yugo that put in half efforts at the gym every other month. The new model was "Nova" only in name, and consumers were not fooled. Gone a few years later.


2. The XFL - The WWE (then WWF) and NBC set out to take down the NFL. NBC had lost the rights for their NFL contract, and hey...Vince McMahon seems like a guy who can get things done, right? Know what? Too many rules in the NFL, let 'em beat the daylights out of each other. This will be ratings gold! The XLF lasted one season, but in a nod to #3 on this list, might be a thing again very soon.


1. Chris Gaines - I'm not sure who I feel worse for. Garth fans who bought into this new, soul patch Garth, who wasn't really named Garth, but a guy Garth is playing in a role for a future movie? (yes, read that back, it's exactly what was going on) Or Millennials, who had no idea 'ol Garth thought he could somehow pull his own version of Pink Floyd's The Wall, and the public would eat it up. In the late 90's, Garth was going through an identity crisis. The biggest country star in the world couldn't really cross over to pop like Shania was doing, but hey...Chris Gaines might! The whole thing flopped in spectacular fashion, and Garth's next move was to try out for the Padres and the Mets, which had with similar results. Garth eventually stormed back to country to reclaim his throne. "Some of God's greatest gifts, are unanswered prayers."

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