Maine's most popular liquor continues to explode, and will create dozens of jobs for the state.

Last year, Fireball surpassed Allen's Coffee Brandy as the #1 liquor in Vactionland, according to CBS 13. Now, for the second time in four years, the makers are pumping millions of dollars into the local economy, and hiring 50 people for production in Lewiston, the news station reported.

Boston Brands of Maine announced a $1 million expansion that added about 30 full-time jobs in December 2017, CBS 13 stated.

According to CBS News 13, Sazerac President and CEO Mark Brown said in a statement: “We are delighted to continue our investment in Maine and its workforce. This is yet another example of Sazerac’s long-term commitment to the people of Maine.”

How big is the Fireball brand in Maine?

More than $10.1 million worth of Fireball was sold last year, including $4 million worth of small, 50-milliliter bottles called “nips,” according to CBS 13.

After 15 years, Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy, slipped to number 2, with slightly under 10 million in sales for 2018, the news station reported.


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