Tickets to the Service Credit Union Live Free Country Music Festival in Manchester are as low as $35. Allow us to show you how cheap that really is compared to other things you spend money on.

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The Service Credit Union Live Free Country Music Festival is coming to the Northeast Delta Dental Stadium in Manchester on Saturday, October 1, 2016 and featuring country music stars Lee Brice and Joe Nichols. More acts will be announced soon.

Here are 6 things more expensive than the country music festival, but are not as much fun.

  • Denis Raev
    Denis Raev

    Date night at a movie theater

    Tickets can be $12.50 each on top of the $14+ you will be dishing out for popcorn and soda. No movie can be as thrilling as seeing your favorite country stars on stage.

  • Philip Lange
    Philip Lange

    A tank of gas in your truck

    Gas prices go up and down, but putting all that fuel in your truck can add up. Why not listen to Lee Brice play his best songs instead of going for a ride that weekend?

  • loading...

    A bottle of good whiskey

    A good bottle of alcohol is great and all, but why pay $40+ for glass of the good stuff when you can have an awesome time with your friends at a country music festival? Go for the cheap booze instead.

  • Hajrudin

    A pair of jeans

    Ladies this one is for you. A nice pair of jeans can be $70+ if you want to look REALLY good. You could buy two tickets to Live Free Country Music Festival for that money and, you know, old jeans look just as good on a gal.

  • Jupiterimages

    One night bar-hopping with your friends

    An outing with your friends can get expensive, especially if there are drinks involved. You may be spending $120+ on dinner, alcohol and the late-night snack you will definitely have. Save that money and just go crazy listening to great music.

  • Jacques Kloppers
    Jacques Kloppers

    MOST other country concerts!

    Seeing your favorite country artist can get expensive and cost you over $100 to see just one of them. We are bringing in headliners and awesome music acts for a lot less.

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