There are plenty of country music-loving folks in the Granite State just like you. Here is how to spot them.

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Country music isn't just a music genre. It is a way of life and man is that life good.

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The spirit of country is alive here in New Hampshire with fans spread out all across the state. How can you spot these country music fans? Well it isn't that hard when you know what to look for...

1. Cowboy Hat, T-Shirt, Jeans and Boots

Cowboy boots and hat

It is the staple outfit of every country music. The simple yet unstoppable fashion combo that combines comfort and toughness. New Englanders can usually be found wearing plaid, but you can spot a country fan from a mile away. You know that somebody wearing the above HAS to have a Blake Shelton or Carrie Underwood song in their collection.

2. Driving a Truck

Off road vehicle
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Country music fans are always outdoors and need a vehicle that can get them anywhere they want. New Hampshire has a lot of woods to explore and places to drive to and set up a nice bonfire. A truck is their choice because it is made to navigate tough environments and carry anything a country music fan might need. Speaking of which...

3. Next to the Grill

Delicious rib eye steak on a flaming grill

Tailgating and country music might as well be the same word. Fans are always looking forward to tailgating at concerts and showing off their meat-cooking skills. Up in the Granite State we know how to grill up a good meal. And know that country music fan will always be at least 2 feet away from whatever is cooking. You can also find them...

4. Hanging Around the Cooler

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 4.03.58 PM

Country fans are known to love their drinking and the music reflects that. An ice cold beer or something harder like whiskey is usually found in their hand (or hands.) Other music fans surely love to drink, but can they outdrink a country music fan? In the Live Free or Die state we know how to enjoy our freedom.

5. Probably Not the Cleanest

Bull Riding 1
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Those who love country music are probably not the people you will find inside a fancy restaurant or social club. They would rather be outdoors and embracing what the world has to offer. This may not be the cleanest life, but a little dirt and mud never hurt anybody. Who has time for laundry when there are mountains to climb?

6. First on the Dance Floor

Audience applauded by the stage artist.

Country music is all about getting those feet moving and having a good time. Country music fans take that to heart and leave their inhibitions at the door when the work is over. That means being first on the dance floor, even if the song isn't country. I mean, a cowboy or girl can appreciate a good beat and catchy chorus (even if they would rather be dancing to some Zac Brown Band.)

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