It always blows my mind when I hear stories about kids who have such a burning desire to help other people in need! That level of empathy is something that many of us don't develop until we are fully cooked adults, if ever! When you see these qualities in such a young person, it is clear that they are going to go on to amazing things and change the world!

According to News Center Maine, last week six-year-old Lucas West from Woolwich Maine, was having a hard time sitting still on the playground at his school. Like many kids his age, Lucas brings a lot in the enthusiasm and energy department. But lately he has been focusing his efforts on a very important cause. 

The news site says a few months ago, Lucas was watching TV when a commercial for the ASPCA began to play. The commercial showed animals who are in need of homes and are currently living on the street. Lucas' mom looked over at her son only to see tears running down his face. SO MUCH EMPATHY! He asked his mom what can they could do to help these cute animals! The idea of a bottle drive came up and Lucas hopped right on board. 

They created a Facebook Event for Lucas' bottle drive with a modest goal of raising $100. (he's 6 after all!) Well, that goal was quickly blown out of the water and according to the article, they were at $1,475 as of Sunday, April 25th. 

Nicole Brassard via Facebook
Nicole Brassard via Facebook

How amazing is this story? Want to help Lucas and his amazing cause? You can donate bottles under his name at Hilltop Redemption Center, or donate to his PayPal account at

Keep up the great work, little man! We are proud to live in a community with people like you!

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