We need to hear stories like this one more than ever. According to Elliot Hospital's website, Lilyana (Lily) Roman was concerned about front line workers and decided to do something about it. She decided to collect donations by performing a few tunes on ukulele in her drive way. Who can resist a precious song bird strumming away for a great cause? The site states that she was able to collect 500 dollars just from one drive way concert. Neighbors and family members came by to watch Lily perform and donate.

But it gets better (if you can believe it) ! The Summer camp that Lily attends heard about what she was doing and decided to match her. All of a sudden her $500 turned into $1,000. And THEN Verizon heard about this little rock star and decided they wanted to match that! After all of the donations and matching, Lily raised $4,000 that is going directly to Elliot Health System.

Lily doesn't plan to stop playing the ukulele or doing good for her community any time soon! If this story has inspired you to donate, the family asks that you go directly to the Elliot Emergency Fund or the Front Lines NH website. And make sure to write “in honor of Lily” in your donation.

Fantastic job, Lily! I'm sure your mom is SUPER proud of you and so are we!

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