Today, temps have grazed 60, and last week, we were in the 70's. Now, closing in on the end of the month, where does 2018 rank? Portland is already rolling out stats.

According to Ryan Brenton, the record high of 58 degrees will be enough to vault 2018 past another landmark year. Yes, 1998. When Furbys ruled the world, fat free potato chips were a thing, and Tequiza basically became the blueprint for Bud Light Lime. A solid showing for a month which had it all. The record temps, where going shirtless was a option for some guys, misguided as it may have been. After all, unless you've been on a tropical vacation, or locked in a tanning booth, that move was likely a blinding "no." Not to mention, right back into winter weather a few days later. Throw in a little flooding, and this month was anything but normal.

Oh, and how are we starting out next month? That's right, with a threat of flooding for Friday. You be you, 2018.



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