Dejah Rondeau is a 7th grader and also the quarterback for the youth football team in Exeter, New Hampshire. According to, Dejah has had to deal with bullying at her school for being a female quarterback. Her mom says that playing football is one of the best things to happen to Dejah and she works so hard at it.

The Patriots wanted to do something special for Dejah so they invited her to Gillette where she took a tour of the trophy room with Robert Kraft. As if that isn't cool enough, she also got to play a game of catch with Julian Edelman. Edelman then asked Dejah if she had any plans on Sunday Febuary 3rd and she responded that she was free. He then handed her two tickets to the Superbowl in Atlanta. How amazing, right?!

I admire Dejah's bravery and determination to keep playing the sport that she loves regardless if people choose to accept it or not. She deserves to be there Sunday cheering on our New England Patriots. Go Dejah and Go Pats!

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