There is that one store or establishment for all of us that we wish would accept Monopoly money as real currency. For me, it’s TJ Maxx. They have EVERYTHING! Candles? Yup! A trendy pair of tie dye sneakers. You bet! A nice fake plant that looks real and fools everyone who comes over into thinking you are a responsible person who can keep something else alive? They have a whole aisle of those. If TJ Maxx said they were accepting Monopoly money even for just a two hour period, I would make it RAIN monopoly money.

A popular Worcester, Massachusetts, watering hole called Ralph's Tavern made dreams come true for its patrons last Wednesday when they announced a very special Happy Hour. From 4-6 they would accept Monopoly money as actual currency. Now, don’t get crazy. People couldn’t use it for alcohol but according to, hot dogs, raffles, and admission tickets were all fair game.

This is all in celebration of a Worcester edition of Monopoly that is going to be made later this year! (how cool is that?!) Ralph's is trying to win a spot on the game! The article explains that Ralph's opened way back in 1934 and if any local landmark deserves to be featured on that board, it's Ralph's! Whether or not Ralph's Tavern makes the cut, it was a heck of a turnout. The bar allegedly raked in $1,800 in Monopoly money last Wednesday.

The article goes on to explain that a United Kingdom-based company called Top Trumps USA has gotten the official OK from Hasbro to make "community editions" of Monopoly. There is already one for Cambridge, Massachusetts and Greenwich, Connecticut. We need some New Hampshire representation! If your town had it's own Monopoly edition, what landmarks would need to be featured?

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