Elsie Dabrowski, 80, is lucky to be alive after she suffered bites to her face, arm and back after a bobcat attacked her Sunday night, according to WMTW. She tried fighting him off with the gardening tool in her hand but he was really strong, the news station reported.

According to WMTW, Dabrowski had one thought while she was being attacked, "Where are the dogs?" Soon her two dogs reportedly came and chased the bobcat over to a nearby shed where he hid underneath.

Her son who lives nearby heard the screams and came down with a shotgun and shot the bobcat, according to WMTW. Fish and Game Department officials took the bobcat's body away, and it was later confirmed that the animal had rabies, the news station reported.

How scary! One minute you are taking care of your roses and the next you are on your back being attacked by a rabid animal! Elsie should make a full recovery after receiving a series of rabies shots and taking a few weeks to heal.

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