They say folks in New England are made from tough stuff, and I have seen examples of it time and time again.

According to reporting from, a couple that is 98 years old and has been married for more than 50 years has survived COVID-19.

We have all learned that the elderly are at high risk of complications and even death from the virus, but the staff at Woodlawn Care Center in Newport, New Hampshire, tell that there were 33 residents of the facility that tested positive and to date 15 have recovered.

13 residents who tested positive are being treated at the facility and two have been hospitalized, according to the news station, and sadly, three residents have passed away.

Twenty members of the staff at Woodlawn Care Center have tested positive for COVID-19, and the news outlet reports that seven have recovered and seven are still in isolation.

Married couple Herbert Hansen and his wife Susan have recovered after testing positive and Herbert tells the news outlet that his wife had more of a bronchial issue but that he just had a runny nose.

Such great news that they were able to get through it.


I don’t know whether it’s just good genetics, luck, or quality care but it makes me hopeful.  The vaccine can’t come quick enough.


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