Cam Noyes and his mom, Kristen Umlah found out the hard way that inline skating is illegal in their hometown of Rye, New Hampshire.

Cam and his mom decided to skate to his first day of school back in August of 2017. When they got to school, the mother and son were told by Rye Police Chief Kevin Walsh that skating was not allowed in the town.

The 12-year-old and his mother decided to do something about that. See, according to the Bangor Daily News, Cam has a dream of playing for the NHL when he gets older and he’s been playing hockey since the tender age of 2-years-old.

Skating, of course is Cam’s favorite exercise and when he found out is was illegal, he decided to he was going to try and change that. He and his mother did some research and looked up the town ordinances for Rye and realized it was roller skating, not inline skating that was illegal.

Eventually, the pair went to a Board of Selectmen meeting to explain the difference between the two sports. However, at the meeting they were told the spirit of the ordinance would mean it also applies to inline skating.

After a lot of work, Cam and his mom ended up getting the books changed! Earlier this month, the town approved the change by a vote of 1,139 for and 465 against.

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