Friday afternoon lifeguards at White Horse Beach alerted swimmers to a shark sighting and flew the red flags designated to alert all swimmers and beachgoers of danger, according to

It’s not the first sighting and it’s not the last.

Yes, sharks live in the ocean.  Yes, people like to swim in the ocean.  Between the jellyfish and the sharks this year, I am not putting a foot in the water.

According to the reporting by, the Plymouth Harbor Master Twitter account posted the news that the “lifeguards ordered people out of the water.”

Have you ever been to a beach where there has been a shark sighting?  I mean, I know they like to eat around here, and I love the beach, but I have not yet experienced this.  I thought I was smart by sticking local, but I guess the sharks have to travel to eat and I am in their way.

I am a big guy and I think I may be confused for a very large and I mean large seal.  I know I have enough body fat to make a nice snack for a Great White Shark.

I am having a hard enough time finding a quiet beach where I can stay 6 feet away from other people, now I have to sweat out the sharks?  I am glad no one was injured.’s reporting is a good warning that it is a constant danger and we have to be vigilant.  I have been so freaked out about the Lion’s Mane Jellyfish sightings that I forgot about the sharks.  Always keep an eye out for the lifeguards and those red flags.

So, keep an eye out for sharks, jellyfish, rip currents and of course, maintain your social distance.  Sounds like such a fun summer doesn’t it?

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