It has been a very strange summer for sea life along the Seacoast. It seems like we've seen more shark attacks, whales breaching, and seals dying than in summers past.

Sadly, another dead whale washed ashore this morning at Jenness Beach in Rye, New Hampshire.

report by WMUR, the 16-foot, 2-ton juvenile
mike whale was found on the beach around 9 a.m.

The cause of death isn't certain yet. WMUR claims the whale was wrapped in lobster fishing gear, but experts aren't certain if the whale became entangled in the gear before or after it died.

Another theory is the whale may have become infected by disease. The story by WMUR cites that several seals have gotten sick with either avian flu or distemper, and have washed ashore along the Seacoast this summer. In fact, two more seals were found last Monday morning on Jenness Beach.

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