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You may or may not know that in October 2022, I got married to my wonderful wife, the new Missy Sherwood, at Waterville Valley Ski Resort in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

After the wedding I wanted to do a full review, because it went off without a hitch and was perfect from planning to execution. I knew a review box would not be enough space to share my opinions: the good, the bad, and any and every detail that surprised us on the journey.

So here are my thoughts regarding the venue.


We chose Waterville Valley for a few specific reasons. We love the White Mountains. We knew we wanted a mountain-type backdrop. We knew we wanted to be in the place we fell in love with each other (the national forest).

This place is SO easy to get to. Up 93, exit, drive 10 more miles on another road, then you are there. That's it. Easy directions for elders. It was gorgeous in the fall. Pictures of our October 7 views are below.


Knowing that we wanted to be in the White Mountains, we scheduled four wedding venue meetings in one weekend. Our first stop was Waterville. Location, like I said, was perfect. What I did not know was how much there was to do.

My wife and I are doers. We like to do activities. We go camping, hike, swim, play, bike, etc. This place ticked every box.

On site there was mountain bike trails, two disc golf courses, a golf course, an ice skating rink, an escape room, numerous bars and restaurants, shops, a pond to take out paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, etc., and access to their fitness center that had numerous pools, hot tubs, steam rooms, saunas, and more.

The place was loaded with activities for all ages and abilities. We stayed three nights, but could've been entertained for three weeks.

Wedding Coordinator:

One of the best things about Waterville Valley Weddings is the one-on-one help and flexibility. The first day, after a tour, we sat down with Erica Sullivan, Wedding Sales Manager, and one of the wedding coordinators at WV.

I do not even know where to begin with Erica. First of all, I will say it is so great having one person in charge of your entire day. All coordinators help you from your first meeting until the time you exit the property after your wedding weekend.

Erica was dealing with a groomzilla, bride, two mother-in-laws, and many more people that wanted a say in this wedding. The woman was incredible. She was strategic, communicative, and very hands on.

She did everything from constant and immediate email and phone communication, answer my 100 daily questions, physically getting cigars set up at the cigar bar, last-minute changes during the reception, and finally the beer...


If you know me, you know I love craft beer. We opted out of the full liquor open bar and chose the open bar "beer and wine" version to save some money. What I loved was the ability to get nearly any craft beer I wanted. Erica went back and forth between me, the bar manager, and breweries to make sure I had a generous selection of top tear beer.

We wanted to do other, different wedding things that were perfectly welcomed, and supported by Erica and Waterville Valley. For example, we had our dogs be the ring bearer and flower "girl" (Larry is a boy). That was perfectly fine, and even encouraged.

We also wanted to do a "first look." That was so well-planned by Erica. So instead of seeing each other for the first time at the wedding, my bride and I took a chairlift up Snow's Mountain to do a first look. We popped champagne,  took pics, laughed and cried, and then about 10 minutes later, the entire wedding party met us.

That allowed us to do most of our group pictures before the wedding (out of the way), and it also set the vibe. By the time it was ceremony time, the entire wedding party already had a few drinks and a fun private dance party, and we were ready to celebrate - ALL BEFORE THE CEREMONY.

Another flexible piece that was wonderful were all of the ceremony sites. Many wedding venues have ONE ceremony site. Not at WV. You could have your ceremony inside, at Osceola Arbor, at Town Square Gazebo, at the Garden Terrence, or even the top of the mountain.


There were other things that we did. Some were included in price, some not. First off, the welcome bonfire. The night before, typically after a rehearsal, WV puts on a bonfire for your wedding guests. It is a great way to kick off your wedding weekend.

Next up, the bridal suite. My wife and her ladies all got this beautiful bridal suite for getting ready. It overlooked the wedding reception, so after the ceremony, we could go up there for some private time, a drink alone, etc.

Every wedding gets two hours of the Waterville Trolley to transport people around property, pick up people from hotels, drive them to and from ceremony site, etc. It was COOL and useful.

There were so many more add-ons like lights, dance floors, fireworks, etc, but I digress.


There were only a few negatives (that we did not see as a negative, but others may). First off, they have a zero tolerance policy on nips/shot-taking. It's just a rule on WV property. So if you want shooters, this is not your scene. That said, you can get a tequila on ice...take the ice out...you know the deal.

Negative #2 - Not enough time. I am serious...this is a real one. Waterville offers SO MUCH that it is almost sad not being able to try everything. That's all I got for negatives.

Wrap Up:

I cannot say enough good things about this venue. Between the location, coordination help (Erica), activities, flexibility, and add-ons, this wedding venue seems fake. 

Like an adult playground.

Remember I said that we had four or five wedding location meetings set for one weekend? Well, after seeing Waterville Valley and meeting Erica, we cancelled all other meetings. We were sold on WV and I cannot recommend this location for your next wedding enough.

Oh, and we each got a free seasons pass to the ski mountain...huge perk.

See below for photos of why Waterville Valley is a perfect New Hampshire wedding destination and why you should consider it for your upcoming nuptials.

Waterville Valley Weddings, New Hampshire

Here is how my wedding looked at Waterville Valley in October in New Hampshire.

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