What a history project!


According to nypost.com, a group of eighth-graders at North Andover Middle School have convinced State Sen. Diana DiZoglio to introduce legislation to clear the name of Elizabeth Johnson who was convicted of witchcraft back in 1693.  Why now you might ask?  I mean it was over 300 years ago, but the point is despite all those others that were convicted of witchcraft, including some that were sentenced to death and hanged, have already been pardoned.  All but Elizabeth Johnson.


Why was Johnson Never Exonerated?


If everyone else was pardoned, why wasn’t Elizabeth Johnson?  At the height of the witch trial frenzy going on in Salem, poor Elizabeth Johnson was convicted and sentenced to death, but the sentence was never carried out.  The craziness that surrounded the witch trials started winding down.  Hundreds were accused the Puritans were figuring out that the situation was getting out of hand.  Nineteen people were hanged for witchcraft and one was crushed to death by rocks according to nypost.com. When a group of convictions was thrown out by the then Gov. William Phips, Johnson’s was not included.  Maybe because she had no family and wasn’t married.  She never had any children so there was no family to fight to clear her name.


A group of Eighth Grade Students is Setting the Record Straight


Wouldn’t you want your name cleared for history?  Isn’t it just the principle of the thing?  Just because she had no family to fight for her, I’m pretty sure her life was not great after the witchcraft conviction.  I mean, she never did get married or have any children.  There is a lot we can’t control in the world at the moment, war, pandemic, natural disasters, etc.  It’s nice to see the kids working on a history lesson that will set the record straight for Elizabeth Johnson. I would want my name officially cleared, even if it was 300 years later.





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