If you're running around tomorrow doing last minute Halloween shopping or getting the kids, you may find yourself skipping a meal or two. Well,  America's fast food industry is coming to the rescue.

Here is a list of the special Halloween deals we've heard of so far.

1. Chipotle will sell you a burrito for just $3 if you show up dressed in your Halloween costume.

2. IHOP is giving kids 12 or under a free scary face pancake.

3. If you're traveling out of New England tomorrow, Krispy Kreme is giving out free donuts to people show show up in costume as well.

4. Olive GardenRed Lobster and Longhorn Steakhouse are all part of the same family of restaurants. They are offering discounts and free kids meals this week but will want you to join an e-mail club or like their Facebook pages.

5. Don't forget that there will be discounts on candy that isn't sold by tomorrow evening. Have a happy and safe Halloween!


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