Have you ever seen the inside of a sugar house? Join me on my visit to Miller Farm in New Durham, NH over the 20th Annual Maple Weekend in New Hampshire!

Sugar House at Miller Farm
Sugar House at Miller Farm in New Durham, NH

Richard Leonard was kind enough to explain the process and politely answer what were probably some inane questions from someone who was clueless as to how that sweet, sweet perfection that is maple syrup comes to be!

While not a part of the sugaring process, it was a joy to meet Fritz, a Belgian draft horse who resides at the farm. Check him out enjoying a carrot from my coat!

If you find yourself in New Durham, be sure to swing by Miller Farm in New Durham for your locally produced maple syrup.

Tapped Maple Trees, Miller Farm, New Durham
Waiting for the sap...

In warmer months, you can swing by for peaches and back again in the fall for apple picking. Be sure to say hello to Fritz!

Fritz, Sugar House, New Durham
Here comes Fritz!

Thanks again to Richard Leonard for the time and hospitality!



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