If you had to make a run to Wally World this Memorial Day Weekend you and John Cena have that in common! The Walmart in Seabrook doesn't typically have WWE Superstars coming through its checkout line so as you can imagine, this was pretty exciting!

The celeb originally hails from West Newbury, MA so the fact that he was spending time in New England over the holiday weekend isn't all that surprising. The expression on his face says "Lady, can I just get my receipt?". And I am probably going to get a lot of hate for what I'm about to say, but I imagined he would be a little broader! Whenever I have seen him on TV he looks built like a brick house! Especially when he had a cameo in Amy Schumer's movie, "Trainwreck".

Anyone else curious as to what he purchased at Wal Mart? I can spot some paper towels in the cart next to him. Other than that my guess is protein powder and maybe a blow-up pool float. What do you think?

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