While the internet is famous for needlessly tearing things apart, I think it's time we salute excellence. What better time than today? 10/10.

While scrolling Twitter this AM,I realized there was an official #tenten hashtag, but few were jumping in. Looking back at my list, it's obvious I once had a mullet (photo not available) You can't be a NASCAR fan, grow up in the 80's, AND consider Metallica's Master of Puppets one of the best albums of all time without the matching haircut.

Credit: Andy Austin Kancamagus Highway
Credit: Andy Austin
Kancamagus Highway

New Hampshire should have it's own list. I got the ball rolling by listing the Kancamagus Highway as a qualifier. This time of year? Nope...none better.

We polled Facebook, and Rosemarie Camiolo listed Alton Bay, Wolfeboro, The Notches, Mt Major as a few of her favorites. The White Mountains were popular, and Donna Banfield listed Deerfield, Epping, and Raymond as top spots.

What makes your New Hampshire's 10/10?



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