A moose was spotted running around a Somersworth neighborhood on Saturday morning.

Melanie Chase told Seacoast Current her husband and sons saw the moose on Church Street but when police arrived they left as not to stress the moose out. In the Facebook group The (un)Official City of Somersworth, NH Brandi Thompson said she saw the moose on Lincoln Street near the old Hilltop School.

Carrie Bolduc said she was sitting on her couch with her two dogs around 7:30 a.m. when one of them who never barks started howling at the window.

"I looked out to see what the fuss was about and there was the moose standing about a foot from my window! I couldn’t believe it," Bolduc told Seacoast Current. "I started yelling for my fiancé to come downstairs and get the dogs to calm down so I could check out the situation more, but the moose took off into a neighbor’s yard. It didn’t seem scared, but definitely confused."

Bolduc said she and her fiancé took a ride to find the moose but couldn't locate it.

"I called the police once we came back home and they said they already had people out looking for it and that made me relieved," Bolduc said.

Bolduc said her neighborhood doesn't have a lot of woods and she was concerned it came from the downtown area where the roads are busy.

"This definitely does not happen often. The only animals I ever see here are pets and the occasional opossum," Bolduc said.

A dispatcher for Somersworth police on Sunday morning said they were not aware of Saturday's moose but that officers will try to keep people away from stray wildlife before Fish & Game arrives.

NH Fish & Game from their Region 3 office in Durham on Sunday morning did not respond to Seacoast Current's request for more information.

The Facebook groups The (un)Official City of Somersworth, NH and Simply Somersworth were first to discuss the moose sighting.

If you spot a moose outside of the woods here's some suggestions from NH Fish and Game:

  • While watching moose, NEVER approach them or allow them to approach you.
  • Stay in your vehicle or well away from the moose. Always keep a good distance from them and always have a good stout tree or your vehicle nearby.
  • Moose are large, potentially dangerous animals that can run as fast as a galloping horse. They do not always show their displeasure or give any warning before attacking.
  • If they do feel threatened or angry, moose will raise the hackles on their neck, lay their ears back, jerk their nose at you, roll the whites of their eyes -- or just run at you, knock you down and then stomp you until you stop moving. Please give them a wide berth.
Moose in Somersworth
Moose in Somersworth (Carrie Bolduc)

Do you have more information about this moose or a wildlife sighting in your neighborhood? Contact reporter Dan Alexander at Dan.Alexander@townsquaremedia.com or via Twitter @DanAlexanderNH

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