Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

There are the old standbys you can give your special someone like a dozen red roses or a box of chocolates. Stuffed animals are a popular gift, but how do you convey how truly special and unique your love is for that special person in your life? How about a Pickle Bouquet?

CBS Boston is reporting that Boston-based Grillo’s Pickles is offering its famous pickle bouquet just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Now that's what I call true love. Gotta think outside the box. Hey, Babe, Happy Valentine's day. Enjoy your pickles.

The bonus with this gift of pickle love is that you can also tell your lover that you made it yourself.

Grillo’s Pickles, which started out as a pickle cart on Boston Common, is offering a kit online that includes instructions on how to construct your pickle bouquet along with an empty, decorative 32-ounce pickle container, 15 wooden skewers, some artificial flower filler, and cellophane plus a coupon for a free jar of pickles, CBS Boston stated.

Get it quickly as the kits are limited in number and you should act fast, according to CBS Boston, as this kit sells out swiftly.

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