Picture from Tony Schinella youtube.
Picture from Tony Schinella youtube.

It’s hard to watch.  I wanted to cry for the owner of the Jeep that appeared to fall through the ice at Turtle Pond in East Concord, NH this weekend.

As a Jeep owner, I have taken some risks but this is just crazy!

Somehow, a Jeep was reported SUBMERGED in Turtle Pond in East Concord, according to the Concord, NH Patch.  So how do you rescue a completely submerged Jeep from a pond?  Another Jeep of course.

Concord firefighters and police were called in to assist in the recovery of a black Jeep that had reportedly gone through the ice and was totally underwater.  Thankfully, authorities were able to determine there was no one in the Jeep Wrangler and no injuries were reported, the news article stated.

As you can imagine, a Jeep underwater with the gas and oil leaking into the water could have a serious effect on local water quality and wildlife.

According to NH Patch, a Jeep with a tow hookup was brought in and attached to an NH DES truck and with the help of Kamco Supply workers, that poor Jeep was pulled out of the pond.  The owner of the Jeep was not mentioned nor was the circumstances of how the Jeep wound up submerged.

Somebody has some explaining to do.

Here's my first jeep submerged in water too. Thankfully I winched myself out. Believe it or not, it was so much fun. Plus zero damage.

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