Would it be a stay of execution for a lobster that looks more dressed up for Halloween than for Christmas? I know that sentence is a lot, but it will make sense.

Yellow & Black Lobster

These photos were posted by Flaherty's Family Farm on social media recently. The Scarborough farm noticed a very special and very rare colored lobster in their catch. The extremely unique-looking lobster is actually spotted yellow. However, you could tell me it was orange and black, and I'd believe you. No matter the color, this is one unique crustacean.

 Rare Calico Lobster

Lobsters do come in all sorts of colors, but some are certainly rarer than others. And if this little guy is a true calico, it's quite the catch. According to capradio.org, a calico lobster could be a 1 and 30 million find. That's simply staggering to comprehend.

With it being such a unique catch, Flaherty Farms put the word out to organizations to see if there was interest in adopting the cute crustacean, who just so happened to be named "Speckles." The farm was very interested to see this extraordinarily rare lobster get a chance to lounge away and help educate others on the species.

It didn't take long for the farm to hear from the Maine State Aquarium in West Boothbay Harbor. And just like that Speckles was on his way to his forever home up in the Midcoast.

The Maine State Aquarium is currently closed for renovations. However, you will be able to see Speckles and all of his new friends in 2023 when the aquarium is planning to re-open.

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