At the end of the Big Drive Home, I received a call from my wife that would change my world, or at least my night.

It seems that my dog, my fearless dog, Riley tried to make friends with, roll around with, pounce on what he must have assumed was a black and white puppy. A really smelly black and white puppy. He was mid-pounce when my wife opened the door to see what was going on. It was a full on SKUNK play date!

Isn't he just the cutest thing you've ever seen? No. My wife screamed at Riley to get into the house, not thinking that the overwhelming aroma of this animal was somehow attached to Riley. Like any good dog, he obeyed and ran into the house with the skunk closely behind. My wife got peroxide, baking soda and white vinegar and began to concoct a natural remedy for the overwhelming stink. She managed to call me and fill me in. I stopped and bought this at Cabelas:

$32 later, the house, and more importantly the dog smelled perfume fresh, as only a recently skunked dog can. Mother Nature's C-4, the skunk can make life miserable but thanks to a motivated woman and Skunk-Off, it can be controlled.

Skunk-1 Riley-0