Karen and I will be hanging with folks at the Epping location of the Stove Shoppe this Saturday from 10 to noon.

Photo: Bob Perry
Photo: Bob Perry

I hope you can stop by. We'll have prizes and the folks at the Stove Shoppe will have some great specials for you too. One of the things I always talk about when I mention these folks is the quality of their workmanship. It is truly amazing.

I've said it before, and for the record I'll say it again... Nobody makes me talk about the advertisers that I personally endorse. Much to the chagrin of my boss, I've said no to some deals over the years because I wasn't comfortable telling you to try their product or use their service.

That's why it's important you know that the Stove Shoppe, and their other business Fences Unlimited have done work for me, for the station and even for the Working Dog Foundation which is the police dog charity some of you know I work with. By the way, don't forget about our big comedy show with Lenny Clarke and Tony V Friday night in Portsmouth.

Then we'd love to see you Saturday for the best prices of the season on staying warm. The Stove Shoppe is on Route 125 in Epping. The picture by the way was taken Monday afternoon on Mount Washington. That's ice and a little snow covering the Yankee Building on Mount Washington and the mighty 103.7 WPKQ tower!

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