Pandemic or no pandemic, nothing stops Laura Landerman-Garber from brightening the spirits of our troops all over the world.  According to, Landerman-Garber has been collecting and sending cards to our servicemen and women for nearly 20 years. The Hollis resident tells “Several people have said to me you know maybe this isn���t the year to do it. And you know my response is going to be ‘Yeah, no.’” In other words, this woman is a warrior just like those troops around the world that she is bringing joy to. This story got me.  Hard.  2020 has been a rough year, and Laura Landerman-Garber is right.

Our troops need us now more than ever. They need to know they are not forgotten.  And not just on Veterans Days or Memorial Day or the Fourth of July, but the holiday season when so many soldiers, both men, and women, can feel isolated and alone away from family and friends.  Her non-profit is called “Holiday Cards for Our Military Challenge.”  She is a bit concerned this year that she may not have as many cards as she usually does with the pandemic going on.

She has not been able to get out to the usual places that she picks up cards like camps and fairs.  She has taken precautions with a touch-free drop box where the people pick up and leave cards.  They remain in the box for 48- 72 hours. Her reason is so beautiful and I think she sums it up so well. quotes Laderman-Garber as saying “If you have hope, then you can have resilience.  If you’re resilient, then you can move forward, and that’s what drives me is those men and women can do exactly that with a card.  It’s in their hand.  It’s tangible.”  If you want to help, there is still time. I have included the link below.  What an amazing treasure we have in Landerman-Garbe.

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