This heartbreaking story of loss that was shared by WMUR is so sad.

Nicole Olmstead had a pendant that holds her daughter’s ashes who passed away last year. As you can imagine, this is more than the loss of a piece of jewelry to her.

Olmstead said the pendant was lost from her necklace possibly around the parking lot outside Planet Fitness or possibly in the gym area, according to the news station.

Really, it could be anywhere in the area, so everyone try to look around when you are out and about in the area.

Nicole Olmstead is a grieving mother and it would mean the world to her to have the pendant made from her daughter’s ashes back.

She is offering a reward and will pay more than any pawn shop would for the precious pendant that is priceless to her, the news station stated.

WMUR reports that the social media post regarding the pendant has been shared thousands of times. Olmstead can be reached through her Facebook profile where she goes by her maiden name of Bilodeau. Please help this woman find her pendant and give a look around.


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