So you thought you'd get a jump on traffic, huh?

The day before Thanksgiving is typically one of the busiest travel days of the year. While many have the day off, traffic snarls are still commonplace. As New Englanders head for their destinations today, travelling hasn't been easy.

According to NECN, around 11am, a tractor trailer jackknifed and caused major backups on Interstate 495 in Lawrence, Massachusetts area. While crews continue to feverishly work on the situation, 495's northbound left lane is expected to be closed for a significant period of time.

While snow isn't in the forecast today, the temperatures are keeping roads icy. Authorities urge patience as vehicles navigate the holidays. Icy roads were to blame yesterday in Etna, Maine. The Portland Press Herald reported about 30 vehicles slid off the highway or were damaged Tuesday afternoon when a tractor-trailer jackknifed in the southbound lanes of Interstate 95.

AAA projects 54.3 million Americans will journey 50 miles or more away from home this Thanksgiving, a 4.8 percent increase over last year.


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