USA Today did an article highlighting the best roadside attractions in each state. Road trips are becoming popular since the pandemic is preventing air travel for many people.

It's good to know the must see spot that each state has to offer. I think that we have so many great attractions in New Hampshire that it was probably difficult to narrow it down to one. You had your work cut out for you, USA Today!

They went with the world famous Chutter's in Littleton, New Hampshire. (they also have a location in Lincoln)

Chutter's is actually world famous because they have the longest candy counter in the world. It is 112 feet long of sugary goodness and is actually in the Guinness Book of World Records!

Chutter's carries all of the old school candies from your youth like bubblegum cigars and nonpareils. Not to mention any gummy you could dream of; sharks, flies, worms, etc.

Did I mention they have homemade treats like chocolate covered potato chips?! (don't knock 'em til you try them)

We Granite Staters know how amazing Chutter's is and now their awesome-ness is known nationwide! I hope it gives them a little boom in business! It's the perfect place to go for your holiday shopping because who doesn't love the gift of sweets? No one! That's who!

Keep up to date with Chutter's holiday hours and guidelines on their website or on Facebook to learn more.

And if you are wondering what the picks were for Maine and Massachusetts, here ya go:

Ponyhenge in Lincoln, Massachusetts

Desert of Maine (outside Freeport, ME)

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