What kind of person doesn't like pizza? Give up?! A WEIRDOUGH! hahaha. I'll see myself out.

Okay, now that I got that dad joke out of my system I am here to talk to you about National Pizza month. It's happening as we speak! There are so many innovative slices of pizza available now a days; meat lovers, BBQ chicken, even taco pizza is a thing.

If you can dream it you can put it on a pizza. A site called ZIPPIA did a study gathering all kinds of fun facts about how each state prefers their pizza.

Apparently, Connecticut loves pizza the most out of all of the 50 states and they like it cheesy! That's a stance I can support.  New England and the Midwest are the biggest fans of pizza, with the rest of the country clearly making less informed decisions about what they stick in their pie holes. (Get it?! Pizza pie? I am on a roll)

According to Zippia, New Hampshire's favorite pizza topping was.....drum roll please.....CHEESE. Yup! Plain 'ol cheese.

Now don't get defensive, I know we in New Hampshire are purists. We don't need any fancy toppings. We stick to what we know we like! If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? We are in good company because 29 states had cheese as their pizza topping of choice. That's including our fine friends to the south, Massachusetts.

Maine picked a slice I can't say I've ever tried: Grilled Chicken White Pizza. Okay, Maine! Getting all fancy on us.

My go-to slice is pepperoni but if you want to get real specific, my all time favorite is the Sporkie pizza from Bertucci's. It is a cheese pizza with sausage and dollops of ricotta. SWOON.

Check out the full list of findings here.

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